Silverton Rd U Haul theft (Salem Or)

silverton rd near fisher Rd

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Photo is the condition of the unit when I got there to get my belongings. 6 months of being a customer no calls or any stating anything had been done to the storage.

*what was left when if was neatly stacked in totes *

Back in December 19/2023 I rented a unit at this particular uhaul. Worst experience ever. Customer service is horrible. But the reason for this post is to see if anyone else has had any issues with theft at the store? The manager Clint is the worst ever he had kept phone contact and even sent payment receipts to my email. Yet when I showed up 6 months later to collect my belongings they claimed I put my lock on wrong (🐂 spit) I used the lock they provided (regional stated they have the master key for ) my mistake. Anyway they put their own lock on it as well and I had to get them to remove it so I could get my stuff. The assistant manager who's name I was never given took off quickly. When I opened my storage it was trashed. About 80% of my belongings were gone and what wasn't gone was broken. My wedding pictures were broken 💔 and even my wedding Bible was gone. I went back in to then office and let them know what I was presented with when I opened my storage. This is a locked facility that you have to have a pass card and code to get in and alarms go off if your unit is opened plus cameras all over for the safety of our units. Yes when I got up there I was informed I didn't have insurance on my unit, when I should have. I asked for it when I got the rental. The cameras do not work and there was no record of anyone going into my unit. So they are trying to tell me I'm out of luck yet they can't provide me with anything proving when or who got in the unit. If anyone else has gone thru this with this store or even this company please contact me. I'm trying to see if anyone else has been ripped off and if we can do anything as a group

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