Night Shift Healthcare Worker Looking for Furnished Housing/Room (Salem Area, Stayton)

As the title says, I will be working night shift at the hospital in nearby Stayton and I'm looking for a dark and quiet furnished house, apartment, or room to rent. I have never worked the night shift before and I'm dreading it as I am very much a morning person. I will also be going to school online full-time, so I will need a stable Internet connection.

I am moving from the Seattle area and will need housing in mid July. I have no children, no pets, no husband, and no boyfriend. I do not have a criminal record, I do not do any sort of drugs, I do not smoke marijuana, I do not smoke cigarettes or vape or chew, I have a good credit score, I have never been evicted, I have a clean driving record, I have one small car that I will need parking for, and I have renter's insurance.

I would prefer to share a home with a single elderly person who has no pets, no frequent visitors, no children, and who is quiet. This has worked well for me in the past when I was a traveler. I am very quiet, tidy, clean, and studious and I do not bring guests over. I am busy with work and school. I prefer a calm environment with no drama. I do not have a TV and I do not watch TV or listen to loud music. I am so quiet that the police have been called on me to conduct a welfare check. I am respectful of other people's space and belongings. I shop at Costco a lot. I'm 42 years old and I am a woman. I am a right leaning libertarian. I would prefer to live with someone who shares my same values. Deal breakers are couples, pets, children, cigarettes, marijuana, drugs, drama, loud noise, constant loud TV, crime, violence, LGBT, and anything else that isn't conducive to a quiet and drama free environment.

Thank you,

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