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Hi, my name is Jackson, and I own run Freedom of Dog Training Academy here in Salem, Oregon. Freedom of dog Training Academy uses, force-free up to date science base methods that will help your dog learn and succeed faster in their training. Dogs are my life, love and passion. They’ve helped me grow, learn and know how to appreciate life. They are my motivation to become successful dog trainer, and they motivate me every day to help others learn and be confident dog handlers. I would love to train your dogs! I advocate for Service Dogs and their handlers, I feel like this is important to me so I can better help my clients, and their Service dogs. Helping dogs and their owners learn the basic understanding of their dog’s behavior I change one dog at a time to be successful. There is no Magic formula for all dogs but there is a formula for each dog. I also know that learning from the ground up is best for any dog it’s like shaping your dog one step at a time. I have experience training dogs for over 20 years, this includes Service Dog training as well. So, know you are in good hands. I am also a LGBTQIA+ trainer. I support the LGBTQIA+ community. All are welcome. My Philosophy There are NO bad dogs just dogs that need guidance, Direction and love. Why did I decide to become a dog trainer. How I become a dog trainer it started when I was walking my dog and saw some people struggling with their dogs so I ask if they needed help and ask if you would like better way of doing the commands so I show them and they were like WOW how did you do that I said easy it takes patients and love and consistency to get the dog where you want it. I have been very passionate about dogs all my life. Being a dog trainer helps me and my clients and their dogs to have a better bond with each other. I like to see our dog community have faith and have positive results with their fur babies we all can learn together as a team. I have my IDTP certification. Also, have my IDBS Certification.

Hi, I have a passion for providing excellent service to my clients and their fur babies. My number one priority is your satisfaction and the safety of your dog. We use force-free up to date science base methods to help your dog succeed. I use shaping to work with you and your dog to develop a good foundation that fits the need of your best friend. My services include a 1–2-hours consultation in person and phone or video consultation for $50 dollars. During your consultation we will discuss your goals that you and your dog need. If you're committed to your best friend so am I. Kowing that you and your best friend are in good hands… and will have good manners when your training is done. I train in Oregon area Only but can train out of Oregon on special circumstances. I have you come to me for in person training 1 hr. per week. Payments plans are due on each month when you come to your trainings. Payments for packages are due on first training session. Payments are non-refundable. Also, I am a AKC Approved CGC Evaluator. I can help you practice for your CGC Test once I feel you are ready which is $20 Dollars each time you take the test. We take Cash and Credit Cards are accepted. If you cancel on the same day, it’s a 100-dollar late fee. I am also insured by State Farm.
Thank You
From all of us at
Freedom of Dog Training Academy Team

New Prices: Cash/Checks

Basic Obedience Training:

$45 Per session
$360 for 8 weeks
$400 for 24 weeks

What we will learn:
Loose Lash Walking
Door/Car Manners
Off Leash Manners
Reliable Recall

Puppy classes:
$40 Per session
$320 for 8 weeks
$400 for 24 weeks

Most important skills/cues the puppy should be learning early in their foundational training:
Go Potty
2. Name Recognition
3. Loose Leash Walking
4. "Come"
5. Stay
6. Down
7. Heel
8. Off
9. No
10. Kennel training
11. Chewing on furniture/walls
12. Stealing clothing/Food
13. Boundaries in the home/ environment
14. Reliable Recall
15. Wait
17. Take It
16. Watch Me
17. Drop It
18. Leave It
19. Touch
20. Stand

Behavior Modification:

$60 per session
$500 for16 weeks
$800 for 24 weeks

First things we do before training:
Risk Assessment to see where your dog is.
And Medical Assessment to see if the dog’s problems are due to medical concern.

Mild issues like:

Jumping on people
Play biting.
Separation Anxiety
Mild Reactivity
Resource Guarding
Leash Pulling
Fears and Phobias
House Training
Fearful of people and gender

The 4 stages in Behavior Modification
1. Contemplation (Acknowledging that there is a problem but not yet ready, sure of wanting, or lacks confidence to make a change.
2.Preparation/Determination (Getting ready to change) Action/Willpower (Changing behavior).
3.Action/Willpower (Changing behavior).
4.Maintenance (Maintaining the behavior change).

2 Year Service Dog Training: $1,200 for 96 sessions. Optional Payment Plan is 2 payments of $200 per month for 6 months.

What we train your dog for:
Medical Alert/Response
Opening and closing doors/cabinets Turning on and off lights
Hearing Alert/all sounds
Interrupt nightmares.
Retrieve emergency medications.
Go find a friend or coworker/Employee.
Alert Tasks
Pressure Therapy
Psychiatric service dog
Seizure Alert
Seeing Eye

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