Myotonic "Fainting" Goats - $250 (Salem)

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Myotonics (Fainting goats) are easy keepers. They are a medium-sized goat, not known as climbers or fence challengers, friendly, and are a relatively quiet breed. As a landrace breed (native), they are naturally more resistant to North American diseases and parasites than European and African origin breeds. They are smart, easy to train, remarkable mothers/easy birthers, typically having multiple births (twins, triplets, and quads), and have great personalities. All of our breeding goats have great dispositions. All of our breeding bucks are Grand Champions, including a Fainting Goat Guild Supreme Champion and Western Regional Grand Champion/MGR Permanent Champion. Many of our does and younger bucks are show winners or Grand Champions as well.

We have a variety of breeding, show, and pet-quality goats available, (does, bucks, and wethers.) I have bonded pairs or can sell individuals to those who already have appropriate companion goats (size, age, sex, horns). We have polled, horned, and disbudded goats, in a variety of colors, sizes, and ages from this season's kids, to breeding-age adults. If you are looking for breeding animals, we would want to check their lineage and make sure you will get the best pairing for the direction you want your herd to go. Colors of kids we have are the very desirable blue, and blue and white, lavender, tan and white, chamoisee (tri-color), black with white, one with black cashmere.

Prices start at $250 for wethers, $450 for breeding quality, and show-quality goats are individually priced.

Photos include those for sale and their sires, who are not for sale (last 2 photos) for reference.

All our goats are healthy, up to date on vaccines, deworming, foot care, and BoSe. All of our goats come with health records, and transition grain and hay. As herd animals, goats do better with goat companions, so you should have/get two or more goats, appropriate to be companions, to purchase goats. We require a $100 non-refundable deposit each to hold a goat. Delivery is available for a minimum or mileage charge. We have been raising goats for over 31 years and Myos for 13 years, and are one of the top breeders in the Northwest.

In responding to us, please specify what you are looking for: purpose, ages, numbers, does/bucks/wethers, color, etc. so I can be more specific and detailed in my response to you If you are new to keeping goats I can give you demonstrations on how to give shots and trim feet, advice on basic care, and supply an info notebook with a $30.00 donation to the author.

If you are not getting answers from me check your junk mail. I've lost contact with 3 interested parties to date when someone got back to me and said that's where he found my return emails.

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