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PHONE CALLS ONLY PLEASE. ;-) 503 nine 3 1 three 631 (will not respond to e-mails)
Cash only Please!! Pictures coming soon. (-;

Just a little information about me and my bamboo. I have been growing/collecting bamboo since 2000. I now have about 15 different species. Because of my limited amount of space I need to divide and re-home some of my bamboo. Please give me a call with your question's and for availability. Thanks! Phone#- five 0 3 nine three one 3 6 three 1

(the 6 asterisks in front of the bamboo name show's availability)
******All low growing bamboo (3 species to choose from) 1 to 2 gallon $5 each ******

******Pleioblastus fortunei "Dwarf Whitestripe" average height 2', hardy to -5 degrees, shade to morning sun . A unique beauty! Bright white on green variegated leaves. White stripe is perfect as a border plant, short hedge or ground cover. Looks beautiful in a pot too.

******Clumping Bamboo Fargesia 'Scabrida' average height 12', hardy to -10 F. This is really an elegant bamboo! The new culm's are a lavender and steel blue under the dark orange sheaths. The culm's eventually age to olive green. This beautiful bamboo has slender dark green leaves and is a vigorous grower. Scabrida does well in shade to sun.

******Pseudosasa japonica "Japanese Arrow Bamboo" average height 15', cane diameter 1/2-1", hardy to 0 degrees. Does well in shade to sun. One of the most popular bamboo for a dense privacy screen. Arrow bamboo does great in our coastal breezes and does fine in a large container too.

Semiarundinaria fastuosa "Temple Bamboo" average height 20' hardy -5 degrees light shade to full sun. This beautiful bamboo makes a good hedge, or screen. S. fastuosa is unique bamboo that it's culms start green and gradually age to a burgundy color. This bamboo is one of the best for sea side planting. SOLD OUT

******Phyllostachys aureosulcata "Yellow Groove" average height 20'. hardiness, -15 degrees, full to part sun. Sometimes called "crookstem bamboo" because of the occasional zig zag in the lower culms. Beautiful rough textured, dark green culms with evergreen leaves. Yellow Groove makes a wonderful hedge and is OK in a large container too.

Sasaella masamuneana 'Albostriata' average height 4', shade to part sun, hardy to 0 degrees. A beautiful color variegation of white, cream and dark green. This bright and cheery bamboo is a perfect choice for a low hedge or in a container. SOLD OUT

******Phyllosachys nigra "Black Bamboo" average height 25', culms 1 - 2" in diameter, part to full sun, hardy to 5 degrees. This bamboo would thrive planted in a berm or a larger pot.

******Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Shiroshima' Beautiful Shiroshima average height 10', hardy to 0 degrees, grows well in the sun or shade. Shiroshima has stunning larger variegated leaves when grown in the sun new leaves are purple. A unique beauty! Grow it in a large pot or in the ground with bamboo barrier or in a berm.

Note: bamboo grown in containers will reach about half of there potential height.
Cash Only Please.

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